About Us

Alarmcentralsecurity.com Ltd are a leading company offering a range of services including nurse call systems, emergency lighting and fire security systems.

Alarmcentralsecurity.com Ltd aims to deliver the highest level of workmanship and customer satisfaction and to this end we don’t take payment until the completion of work whether it is closed circuit systems or nurse call systems

Alarmcentralsecurity.com was formed in 1991 to supply, install and service a range of security systems to industry and commerce on a nation-wide basis. Initially specializing in rental we soon established a reputation for top quality work as systems needed to be designed and installed with the long term in mind. Customers that purchase or rent systems from us have quickly identified the quality of installation which pays big dividends over any period of time.

Alarmcentralsecurity.com provides design, supply, installation and then ongoing services for a number of key critical security systems required by industry and commerce to protect both personnel and property.

If an alarm saves a house from burglars, a roof saves it from climatic conditions like winds, rains, snow and burglars too! Roof maintenance should not be ignored at any cost and even at the slightest hint of any roof leaks, a licensed roofing contractor should be called for immediate same day repair. DIY should be strictly avoided as it could be dangerous to your as well as roofs well being.

For more information on our security systems, please do not hesitate to contact us now.

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